The Idea

ReMood is a system that aims to enhance festivals by making them more interactive, safer and more comfortable. Festival attendees can download and install the ReMood smartphone application. They can use it to interact with the surrounding crowd, retrieve location-based information and/or provide feedback to the festival organization. The system will collect information on the crowd and make this available to festival organizers. Organizers can use this information and the direct communication channel with festival attendees to improve their festival in real-time.

ReMood bridges the gap between virtual social networks and real-time events. It anticipates on several trends in consumer behavior, namely a growing need for connectivity, a power shift towards the consumer and a continuous search for new experiences.



The ReMood smartphone application will provide to its users new mood-related functionalities for an enhanced and more fun festival experience. Through this ReMood bridges the gap between virtual social networks and real-time social events, bringing festival attendees with similar moods together. In addition ReMood provides festival organizers with combined feedback from the festival attendees, which gives them the possibility to react on their current needs. As festival attendees are always looking for the best festival experience and festival organizers continuously need to improve and innovate, ReMood clearly adds value in this demanding market.

Target Market

ReMood will initially target the festival market in the Benelux countries. In this region over 1,700 festivals are organised every year. ReMood’s target market will then expand to other countries in western Europe and the United States. These expansions are foreseen one year after initial market entry. Next to the festival market ReMood can also be adapted to serve other large outdoor events.

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